Do Your Part

This public safety animated video is currently playing at Amtrak stations nationwide.

Promise, Proud and Perfect

Ritz-Carlton asked us to create an inspirational and informative video for their staff. Our script and selected imagery highlights the importance of customer engagement and the Ritz-Carlton experience.

CDT Gala Opening

Media-C hired us to assist on set, edit, color correct, and create custom graphics for this piece. It played at the start of CDT's annual gala at the Convention Center for an audience of hundreds.

Autograph Collection

Vivified Creative hired Fresh TV to shoot the local interviews, story produce, and edit this reel for Marriott's Autograph Collection. It is a business-to-business piece highlighting the advantages of hoteliers becoming part of the Autograph Collection.

Discovery Kids Brand

Discovery Kids is not just a brand, it is an inspiration for how kids experience the world around them. We produced this video to demonstrate the joy of the brand - and encourage potential retail stores and products to join the Discovery Kids brand.

Animal Planet Brand

Discovery Commerce asked us to help show the broad scope of Animal Planet branded products. The target audience is two-fold: potential licencees and retail stores to carry the products.

All Roads Film Festival World Tour

Complimenting the trailers we did for the All Road Film Festival, this piece gets the word out to universities and non-profits - that they can host their own film festivals using countless All Roads films.


Momentive, a global company that specializes in specialty chemicals and materials, hired us edit this video to explain their restructure. Through the edit, as well as creative graphics, stock footage & music choices, we helped to energize and inspire their employees internationally.