Justice By Any Means

We produced and edited this launch topical for the season premiere of Justice By Any Means.

Deadly Instincts Series Sell

Give us some beautiful shots of animals attacking each other, some epic copy and we're happy!

The White Queen: King Edward IV

Fresh TV produced, wrote, and edited this vignette. Interweaving series footage and exclusive interviews, we introduced audiences to Max Iron's character, King Edward IV, and the series as a whole. This aired on Starz, was online, and is included on the Blu-ray's extras.

Yukon Gold: Season 2 Series Sell

We love editing the manly, noisy, dirty stuff.

What Not To Wear

What fun to produce & edit a spot with Stacey, Clinton and Shannon Elizabeth for Season 10 of What Not To Wear.

Defiance Has Been Reborn

Syfy came to us with footage and an air date - and asked Fresh TV to figure it out. We concepted a viral campaign which we then produced & edited. This spot is a coerced propaganda piece, promoting the Earth Republic - which just took over the town of Defiance.

Defiance: Datak Tarr for the Earth Republic

This spot is part of a bigger campaign we did for Syfy's series Defiance. We came up with numerous "Leak" spots - footage stolen, then leaked from Defiance's new government the Earth Republic.

The Monster Project

Sarcastic. Campy. And Judah Friedlander. Need we say more?

Fatal Attraction

We were asked to freshen up the approach to promoting this returning series. We wrote the script to mirror these real life romances' downward spirals and paced the edit and music to match.

The Incredible Dr. Pol: How Now Smelly Cow

We had an incredible time cutting the topicals for 7 episodes of The Incredible Dr. Pol.

Dog Whisperer: Tsst

This high concept spot was a fun challenge to tackle. Each bark and tsst which makes up the rhythmic track has its own corresponding shot. Although the client had a quick deadline, we made a fantastic spot in the end.

Stranger Than Nature Series Sell

Editing this series sell was a scary ride. We intentionally created strange effects and graphics to further push the series' message.

Oddites San Francisco

We cut & created the graphics for the launch spots for season two of Oddities: San Francisco.

Cesar de Mayo

It's Cesar de Mayo! We've had the pleasure to edit the campaign for a day of Cesar Milan programming two years running.

Alaska State Troopers Season 3 Promos

We edited the entire campaign of National Geographic's 3rd season of Alaska State Troopers, and refreshed the graphics package to make it more natural and integrated. Here are a few of our favorite topicals - between the action, drama, and humor, there's a topical that appeals to everyone.

Morning in Australia Stunt

Travel Channel asked us to help promote Morning in Australia. We pulled from numerous shows to create a fun, hip spot.

Locked Up Abroad Season 5 Promos

We designed the package and cut all the topicals for Season 5 of Locked Up Abroad. The ratings were great and our promos got the viewers there.

Inside 9-11

This TCA piece won a Silver at PROMAX 2006 for In-House Promotion. This piece was created before the show had been completed, and required 3 months of sifting through raw footage, B-Roll and interviews.

Witness: Katrina

The Rolling Stones song Following The River provides an emotional backdrop to our promo for this Nat Geo special which is comprised of amateur video from people caught in Katrina.