The Jouberts: Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival

We really wanted to capture the essence and passion of Beverly & Dereck Joubert while highlighting their beautiful images. We went through about 12-hours of footage and used Beverly's photographs to create custom 3D graphics. This sizzle introduced the filmmakers' awe inspiring journey before they were awarded the Outstanding Achievement Award at the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival.

ID Image Spot

How do you tell the story of a brand? Tell ad sales buyers what a network is all about, and let them know what the typical viewer is like. This piece does just that. After numerous phone calls and ideas from the network - Fresh TV said - just give us a few days - we have a great concept. We culled through over 3TB of footage to find the perfect shots and the perfect bites. The bites not only tell the the story of what a typical show on ID is like, but also, how the viewer feels throughout an episode. It's a whirlwind of emotion and they just gotta know what happens.

UpFront 2015: The Mistress

We were tasked with making the viewer sympathetic to the other woman, in an ad sales friendly sorta way for UpFront. We watched the entire season (14 episodes), pulled the best bites and story structured them to women empowering music. (This is the editor's music cut.)

Vet School

We edited and story structured this sizzle for Nat Geo Wild's TCA.

ID Addicts

A network's brand is part of pop culture. It engages and rallies viewers together to become part of something greater. This sizzle demonstrates how ID is part of our lexicon. (This is the editor's cut.)

Jobs That Bite

This sizzle has a life of its own. We edited this reel for a big internal presentation, then updated it for TCA, and then we swapped out the popular music for library music so Nat Geo WILD could use it online.

Alpha Dogs

This is our sorta project. We story structured and edited this sizzle and loved every minute of it.

TCA: Dog Whisperer

This TCA piece was a blast to edit. We chose and story structured all the bites, found fun music, and created simple graphics to promote the Dog Whisperer moving to Nat Geo WILD.

Scatter Tape: Mudcats

We love us some Scatter Tapes. This piece was shown to media buyers to get them excited about this new series. Men, fish, mud - we couldn't ask for much else.

Swamp Men

This Swamp Men sizzle is one of many pieces we did for Nat Geo WILD's annual Ad Sales Summit. Not being huge country music fans, we are particularly proud of finding this great music track.