The Request

Fashion tech incubators are extremely competitive. When New York Fashion Tech Lab's annual Demo Day was cancelled due to COVID-19, they reached out to Fresh TV. NYFTL is a global business catalyst and Tech Demo Day is crucial to connect select female fashion tech entrepreneurs with retailers, fashion houses and tech companies. NYFTL wanted more than a standard webinar. They needed to shine.

Solution Time

Fresh TV had many issues to solve. The main complication - how to film ten women spread across America as well as in France, Austria, and Singapore with a limited budget and quick turn-around time? Sending kits wasn't an option. We didn’t want to use Zoom or other remote recording options due to the recording quality. We did a tech survey and once the results were in, decided everyone should record on their own Apple devices for clearer images.

Fresh TV created an extremely detailed best practices filming guide with framing suggestions, set up directions, and suggested a specific ring light and app to use to enhance their recordings.

Second issue - usually, on stage, the lab companies present slides and video demonstrating their tech as they speak. If we had used Zoom, the start ups would have been on screen briefly at the beginning and then have shown their slides for the rest of the video. It would have been visually stale and super long. We wanted to engage the audience with compelling presentations. We had the lab companies send us their presentations so we could intercut their slides with them on camera and edit any pauses and stumbles out.

Third hurdle - NYFTL had already created a PowerPoint presentation for the event to bookend the lab companies’ presentations. But, that would feel flat in this new format. So, Fresh TV tweaked and animated it to come alive. We created new graphics and placed the lab companies and alumni in a graphic environment to standardize their look.

Fourth - how to explain who NYFTL is and make them stand out from their rivals. Fresh TV tapped into our promo skills and created an opening sizzle using existing footage and key graphic cards.

Speedy Delivery

We did all the pre-pro, production and post in two fast months. Once approved, we graded it on our in-studio DaVinci Resolve, delivered it virtually to the streaming company based in Canada, and had a drink to celebrate a job well done.

The Request

HGTV asked Fresh TV to create four custom short-form vignettes for Joss & Main’s integration in Flip or Flop. In the past, we’ve created clip based spots, but this time, HGTV wanted to refresh the creative to highlight the sponsor’s products utilized in episode. 

Stop Collaborate and Listen

We love when the creative process allows collaboration - after numerous brainstorms, a concept emerged: two designers create a room using products seen in a Flip or Flop episode, remixed in a new way. Joss & Main was enthusiastic about the creative and we were approved to move forward.



Fresh TV had approximately one month for pre-production. We selected furniture and decor provided by Joss & Main. We had so much product, it filled two extra large storage units. We cast two interior designers as talent so they’d be knowledgeable and speak with authority about the designs in addition to being camera friendly. We created mood boards for each room, working shooting scripts, storyboards and secured a new house on the market for $2.6 million. 

Our pre-lighting day was also essential prep time needed to move the furniture in, organize and complete assembly. We filmed four vignettes in two days with a sixteen people crew on two ARRI AMIRAs.

Production often has natural comedy. The space for the bedroom vignette was quite tight, so the only option was to direct from the bathroom. Whenever Rachel had something to say, she’d pop out. Let’s just say when we wrapped, it literally was in the can.

We were about to start filming and heard a racket. A work crew suddenly appeared to paint lines on the street. What are the chances? We bribed them with coffee and pastries. It worked and they went on their merry way.


We created a custom graphic open based on Flip or Flop’s graphic look to explain the vignettes’ concept and integrated episode footage. Each spot aired prior to Flip or Flop’s final reveal, so we had to be careful to not give away too much when integrating episode footage. The end result was stellar and we were sad that this project which spanned six months has come to a close.